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Summer Lust : Paddy O’Brian Fucks Jimmy Fanz

A pair of pretty stunning Falcon Exclusives take a thrilling tumble when Paddy O’Brian gives his dominating cock to dazzling newcomer Jimmy Fanz. Jimmy’s a happy-go-lucky hottie, who takes a fiery ass-grilling and busts a nut all over Paddy. Jimmy goes googly-eyed when Paddy walks in, and when Jimmy cunningly strips off his clothes and wades into the pool, the sparkling super stud, Paddy, is quick to follow. Paddy locks lips with Jimmy and clutches their bodies together, pressing their cocks into one over heated package. Jimmy gets seriously down on Paddy’s supersize tool, and drags him to the bedroom where the two hairy chested men get into high energy fucking. Paddy’s a heaving, sweaty fuck machine. His bodacious cock jackhammers nuts deep into Jimmy’s hole, stretching it wider than Jimmy thought possible. The pummeling speed strokes make Jimmy wail. It’s a total meltdown for Jimmy, and his spunk explodes. Paddy blows an earthquake orgasm, leaving a prize of thick white cum pearls nestled in the curly black hair on Jimmy’s belly.

Actors : Jimmy Fanz, Paddy O’Brian

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Wild Weekend Part 2

Wesley Woods has been pining for superstar underwear model Ryan Rose all weekend long, but the whole time it seemed like Ryan was more interested in Euro studs Ken Rodeo and Brute. After several hours of partying and reveling in the spectacle of San Francisco Pride, Wesley and Ryan suddenly bump into each other on the street, and something clicks. Ryan reaches out and pulls Wesley close for a kiss, and they quickly head back to the house to go all the way! They make out passionately, and their throbbing boners burst out of their tight briefs. Ryan falls backwards on the bed and Wesley eagerly deepthroats Ryan’s huge, stiff cock. Ryan’s incredible washboard abs flex as Wesley bathes Ryan’s cock in spit. Rising up on his knees, Wesley enjoys expert oral pleasure as Ryan returns the favor. Before long, Wesley has his ass in the air with Ryan’s face buried in his tasty ass. After teasing Wesley by rubbing his cock along Wesley’s crack, Ryan finally slides his huge dick into Wesley’s hole. Wesley’s dick swings in the air as he rides Ryan reverse cowboy style. Ryan thrusts up from below, then puts Wesley on his side for intensely deep penetration. Pulling Wesley to the edge of the bed, Ryan stands and unleashes the full power of his pounding, delivering an intense fuck that brings Wesley to an immense orgasm. Pulling out, Ryan jerks his cock and blasts a massive, spurting load directly into Wesley’s face. Afterwards, they go up to the roof and make out high above the Castro. Looking up from the street below, JJ sees his two best friends and cheers them on: ‘Yes! I knew it!’ They all laugh as Wesley exclaims, ‘Oh my god, I love Pride!’

Actors : Ryan Rose, Wesley Woods

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Dicklicious : Part II

Actors : Bruno Bernal, Myles Landon

Tattooed Bruno Bernal lifts his chin to kiss towering Myles Landon. A light dusting of hair stretches across Bruno’s bulging pecs, and his abs ripple as he kneels. Myles is a smooth, muscled bodybuilder; his nips are erect and his massive cock twitches with anticipation. Long tendrils of spit form as Bruno gives Myles a slobbering, slurping blowjob. Myles uses a hand on the back of Bruno’s neck to guide his throat down on that massive dick. Taking charge of Bruno’s ass, Myles spreads Bruno’s cheeks and lubes up Bruno’s hole with a rim job. Bruno sits down on Myles’ enormous monster cock, struggling to accommodate the girth, but finally sliding it all the way in. With Bruno’s cock bouncing, Myles pummels Bruno’s ass with all his might. Lying on his side, Bruno raises a leg up in the air and Myles pushes his cock into Bruno’s stretched hole missionary style. Sinking to his knees once again, Bruno orally services Myles’ cock while stroking his own meat. Myles blasts his cum in Bruno’s face, and Bruno sprays his load on Myles’ dick.


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Nasty Fuckers

Actors : Ben Brown, Bruno Knight

With the cards stacked against him and nothing left to wager, BenBrown folds and yields his ass to the Bruno Knight. Bruno’smischievous grin signals something menacing and exciting is about tohappen and wide-eyed Ben is in for an adventure. Bruno teases hiswilling victim, licking and nibbling the young stud’s face and neck totaste the salty sweetness of his skin. Being skillfully manhandledrenders Ben so horny that he can’t wait to suck Bruno’s cock. Hestretches his lips wide apart to engulf his stiff uncut pole, getting in asmany licks as he can. Then he gets on his knees so Bruno can eatout his manhole. Bruno then fucks Ben’s ass, working himself in asfar deep as he can. He pounds then slows it down and thenjackhammers again. Ben is writing in pleasure with every poke andjab, then flips onto his back and starts beating his meat while stillgetting plugged hard and fast. Then Bruno pulls out, jacks himself offand cums with Ben unloading right after.

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