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ICONMALE : Forgive Me Father 4

Actors : Ty Roderick, Tony Salerno

Tony Salerno enters the confessional and admits his deceitfulness to Father, Ty Roderick. He has been impersonating a priest to seduce young boys after obtaining their trust. Tony has completely hit bottom, and is now asking Father for help.Back home, Father Ty is asleep, dreaming about the confession he had heard earlier. Tony enters the room and asks Father for help one last time, before leaning down to kiss him on his lips.Ty rouses from his slumber and wraps his arms around Tony, kissing him deeply. Tony’s hand moves down towards Father’s crotch. He unbuttons his pants and pulls out his big dick, before lowering his mouth onto his stiff cock and begins to stroke it. They suck each other, and Ty gets to work on Tony’s asshole, fingering it to loosen it up. When ready, Father Ty gets on his knees behind Tony, and slowly slides his tool up his parishioner’s ass. Tony moans, feeling Father’s hot rod hit his prostate. Ty doesn’t hold back, pounding this sweet sinner’s ass, face down on the bed. Switching it up, Tony takes it face up and can’t help himself but jerk his rod. Tony comes to climax, blowing his load on his stomach. Ty continues to hump Tony when he feels the urge as well. He pulls his cock out of Tony and drenches him with cum.

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Iconmale : His Daughter’s Boyfriend 3

Actors : Nick Capra, Max Sargent, Tommy Regan, Braxton Smith

Max Sargent walks into the living room just as her daughter ends her phone call. Her father asks who she was speaking to. She tells her dad that it was her boyfriend and that he’ll be coming over tomorrow to meet him. Max is not convinced and is worried that she’s moving a little too fast with this boy, since they’ve only been going out for a short period of time. Nonetheless, she is confident that they will get along and that he will like him. The time has come to meet her daughter’s boyfriend. After some time chatting in the living room, Max’s daughter leaves to go to the bathroom, leaving her boyfriend, Tommy Regan, alone with her father. There is a short awkward silence, before Tommy begins talking about his recent move to his new apartment. When mentioning the lack of furniture in his place, Max offers to give him some old stuff from his storage room. Tommy is stunned by his kindness and thanks him for the offer.The next day, Max helps Tommy get all of the furniture inside of the apartment. Once everything seems to be in place, Max decides its time for him to go home. However, Tommy refuses him to leave without having a drink with him first. With a glass of vodka in their hands, Tommy asks Max if he’s usually that generous with his daughter’s boyfriends. Max tells him that he is the kind of father who would normally wait on the porch with a shotgun. But, he feels Tommy isn’t like the other boys she’s dated. Tommy goes on saying that he never had a father growing up. Her mother raised him all on her own. Max understand where he’s coming from, since he never had a son himself. Max puts his drink down on the table and gets up from the couch as it is time for him to get going. Tommy gets up as well to give Max a hug, before he walks out the door.At home, Max hops in the shower after a long hard day of moving furniture inside of Tommy’s apartment. He washes his hairy, sweaty body with soap and is begins picturing his daughter’s boyfriend in his mind. At the same time, Tommy is also taking a shower back at his place. He too starts dreaming about Max, but doesn’t comprehend what it really means. Is Tommy seeing Max as the father he never had or is he feeling something more?Meanwhile, Max can’t help but imagine doing dirty things to Tommy. He knows this is wrong, especially as he’s dating his little girl. But he reaches for his hard dick and begins stroking it anyways. He figures since he can’t sleep with him, there’s no harm in jerking off at the thought of him. As the water from the shower is pouring down his body, Max jerks off just thinking about that little blond boy he’d like to fuck. He shoots his cum in the shower, and suddenly feels guilty of having had these thoughts about his daughter’s boyfriend. Tommy notices he has a hard on just thinking about Max. Without any hesitation, he grabs his stiff cock and slowly starts to jerk off. He can’t seem to get Max out of his thoughts, which makes his stroke that dick faster. Tommy ejaculates and his cum drips down from the top of his cock. Tommy and his friend Braxton Smith are hanging out over at Tommy’s new apartment. Braxton is impressed on how good his place looks. Tommy confesses that it was his girlfriend’s dad who actually hooked him up with the furniture. After talking highly of him, Braxton senses that his pal might have hidden feelings for this older man, since he’s never heard him talk about his girl that way. Tommy is bugged by his remark, because he’s a straight man. But Braxton doesn’t find this surprising at all. In fact, this reminds him of the time he had sex with his personal trainer, Nick Capra. After his workout, Braxton tells Nick that his goal is to have arms as big as his. Nick guarantees he’ll get more noticed, especially from gay men. Braxton is impressed how many guys have given Nick their phone numbers, he would never assume that a guy is gay. Now he’s wondering if his personal trainer is gay, and asks him if he enjoys the attention he gets from boys. Nick nods, and confesses that he is into guys, but prefers a certain type. After describing it to him, Braxton realizes that he’s talking about him. Things heat up as Braxton starts to feel and rub Nick’s biceps. As he hoped would happen, Nick leans in to kiss him on the lips. He slides his hands in Braxton’s shorts and grabs his tight ass cheeks firmly. He pulls down his pants and removes his shirt, exposing his naked body. Nick takes his clothes off as well and gets on his knees to eat the boy’s ass, rimming it deep with his tongue. Max turns around to face Nick, who now stands. He takes his turns and gets on his knees to suck on his trainer’s big dick. Nick puts a hand behind his head forcing him to take more of his dick. Then decides to return the favor by going down on Braxton and sucking his rock hard cock. Max lays down on the floor with his legs up. While holding them in place, Nick slides his cock inside of Max’s ass. To avoid hurting him too much, he takes it slow and easy when moving his dick back and forth. Max moaning at every thrust. When his hole has loosened up, Max switches places with Nick, finding himself sitting on top of him, bouncing on his tool. He jerks off while getting fucked by his trainer resulting him to shoot his load on his hairy chest. He pulls Nick’s cock out of him and rests next to him. As Nick jerks off, getting ready to cum, Max helps by rubbing his balls, making him cum on himself.

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EXTRABIGDICKS : Tops Don’t Like To Share

Actors : Trey Turner, Armando De Armas, David Benjamin

Armando and Trey are a very competitive couple and tonight they have David laying on the bed as they caress his body while trying to decide who gets to fuck him first and they start to argue about who will fuck him the best. As they explore David’s body they continue to argue until David flips over and tells them to put their cocks in his mouth. David is going to take control over these indecisive tops. He’s got two cocks in his face sucking and stroking as he goes from one dick to the other. He now wants his ass licked so he tells the boys to get on it and please him. Armando and Trey fight over his ass as they both try to share it. Some pushing and shoving ensues but eventually they find an ass eating balance. David is tired with the warm up and tells Armando he gets to fuck him first. David gets bent over and starts sucking Trey as Armando fucks deep and hard. David likes it rough with none of that wimpy fucking. David is a control freak so after they fuck him a couple times he tells them to lay down and he jumps from cock to cock riding each one until they are all ready to explode all over David.Enjoy!

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Nextdoor WORLD : Deep Surveillance

Actors : Phenix Saint, Brenner Bolton

Brenner Bolton is in need of some protective eyes at his residence, so he’s called a specialist out to install some security cameras around the yard. Phenix Saint has seen a lot of things in his time as a surveillance specialist, but as he installs the final cam by the front door, one image in particular catches his attention: that of Brenner standing in the doorway with his cock in his hand. It seems Brenner’s insatiable lust has over-taken his sense of decorum, and so Phenix opens the door to find his customer jacking off in the entry-way. With a look, Brenner can tell that Phenix is picking up what he’s putting down, and with barely a word between them, Brenner finds himself sucking Phenix off in full view of the front door cam. Phenix is hard as a rock and so Brenner suggests they move inside to be more comfortable. Once inside, both guys come out of their clothes, laying side by side inverse as they 69 each other. Brenner can feel Phenix’s hard cock sliding down his throat but he really wants is to feel it deep inside him, so he bends over as Phenix pushes his dick all the way in to the base of the shaft, pounding Brenner’s hot ass without regard. Phenix grabs Brenner by the shoulders as he pulls himself closer, fucking him hard from behind before switching up for some mounted cowboy action. Brenner grinds and bounces on Brenner’s cock as he strokes himself, before Phenix takes matters into his own hands, flipping Brenner over and banging him missionary as Brenner spits his hot load all over himself just as Phenix pulls out and coats Brenner with his own load. Sitting there cum covered, Brenner’s boyfriend sees them through the window and bangs on it angrily. Looks like Brenner better figure out how to use those security cameras sooner than later.Enjoy!

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