The Shrink : MenAtPlay

Take your seats
Step 1. Stop right there! Get him to close his eyes, masturbate slowly and think of you while you dash – insofar as you can dash, your pants now having slipped to your ankles – for lube and condoms. (Note: if you’ve been particularly prescient, you can skip step 1.)

Step 2. Have you ever done this? It’s exquisite. Not quite sitting up, not quite lying down, and with plenty of room to roll over, even cushions to play with. While he slouches back, kneel over him, then take in the whole depth and kiss him. Hold that kiss while you rock yourself and move up and down.

Move slowly at first and duplicate the rhythm with your hands and lips and tongue. Then speed it up. Get him urgent. Keep varying the tempo. One of two things will happen. Either he’ll have to take over and be in control, at which point you can go passive and revel in his need to satisfy his need. Or he’ll (equally greedily) stay as he is and let you do the work, in which case you can let yourself go, making noise, going faster, even scratching him – really enjoying his passivity.
Quoted from : Loverguide