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Pros of having a threesome

– For those looking for a little variety in their sex life, having threesomes can be a wonderful experience. You can learn a lot about your sexuality, as well as your partners likes/dislikes in bed.
– Its a thrilling way to fulfill your sexual fantasies. This is especially true for those who are in their collegiate sexperimental stages, as well as for those who feel as if they’ve missed out on these stages when they were younger.
– If you’re the guest in the threesome, you may get a kick out of being the center of attention. After all, you’re fulfilling a couples sexual fantasies!

Cons of having a threesome

– Feelings of jealousy and betrayal. The people who often have problems after a threesome are often the ones who are very deeply involved with their partner emotionally. Jealousy often arises after threesomes whether its because your partner is being intimate with someone else, or you’ve suddenly grown attached to the third person.
– If the third person involved is a friend rather than a stranger, the friendship could be effectively ruined.
– Some people permanently lose respect for their partners after a threesome. This is because some people refuse to think of their potential partners as sexually experimental.

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