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Ultra Sex : Part II

Actors : Josh Conners, Jacob Taylor

Bright lights and taut jockstraps show off the monster muscles of Jacob Taylor and Josh Conners. The light dusting of hair on Jacob’s torso brings out the rippling curves of his washboard abs and massive chest. Josh shows off his perfectly smooth ass, and Jacob explores the hole with his fingers. Sinking to his knees, Josh performs an impressive feat of sword swallowing on Jacob’s monster meat. In return, Jacob licks and jabs at Josh’s hole with his tongue, delivering a wet and wild rim job. Jacob, rubbing his slippery, uncut cock in Josh’s ass crack, gets ready to deliver an uber-powerful pounding. Sliding his cock into Josh’s savory hole, Jacob thrusts his hips, penetrating deeper and deeper. He grasps hold of Josh’s jockstrap for extra leverage, using it to pull himself deeper into Josh’s hole. Taking the sex over the top, Jacob and Josh lay on their sides as they fuck, creating a perfect view of the deep, intense penetration. Rising to his knees, Jacob delivers a massive facial, shooting gobs of white cum all over Josh’s face and inside Josh’s open mouth. Now at the climax of arousal, Josh jerks himself to completion, blasting his load across his abs.


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Desert Getaway

Actors : Ryan Rose, JJ Knight

It’s too windy to be outdoors, so JJ Knight relaxes on the couch, passing time by surfing the web. Ryan Rose sits down next to him and closes the laptop: he knows a better way to kill time. He leans in for a kiss. Their tall, muscular bodies intertwine in a passionate embrace. Ryan rips off his shirt, and JJ does the same. Sliding off JJ’s shorts, Ryan pulls out JJ’s throbbing boner and slicks it up with spit. Now fully naked, they 69 on the couch, sucking on each other’s huge cocks. Ryan puts his ass in JJ’s face, and JJ eagerly rims Ryan’s perfect hole. Rimming Ryan makes JJ’s massive cock throb with anticipation. Sitting down on JJ’s cock, Ryan rides the monster meat, sliding his stretched hole up and down JJ’s girthy shaft. Switching it up, JJ bends over and takes Ryan’s incredible tool doggy style. JJ’s eyes close as he takes Ryan’s powerful ramming. With these two competitive studs together, it’s a contest to see who can fuck faster, harder, deeper. They flip flop once more, allowing JJ the chance to penetrate Ryan’s meaty ass once again. Ryan’s firm, rounded haunches ripple as JJ thrusts faster and harder. Pulling out, JJ shoots a massive load of white spunk directly on Ryan’s wet hole. Rolling over, Ryan strokes himself and blasts JJ in the face with his hot cum.


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Ultra Sex

Actors : Jimmy Durano, Ryan Rose

Standing in a starkly lit room, superstars Jimmy Durano and Ryan Rose are completely focused on each other’s ultra-ripped bodies. The ultra-hung studs are hard and throbbing, threatening to bust out of the strained pouches of their matching jockstraps. Sliding down Jimmy’s abs, Ryan uncovers Jimmy’s uncut monster cock. Thrusting his hips instinctively, Jimmy fills Ryan’s throat with man meat, enjoying every second of oral pleasure. Saliva slides down Jimmy’s shaft as Ryan opens his throat to swallow every inch. Reaching out to Ryan’s ass, Jimmy explores the hole with a finger, then switches positions to bury his face in Ryan’s crack. It’s clear that Jimmy is an ass hound by the way he tongues and probes Ryan’s hot butt. The super horny studs take it to the next level as Jimmy thrusts his throbbing tool into Ryan’s sweet ass. Picking up speed, he rams Ryan with strength and vigor. Rolling on his back, Ryan savors every second of his pounding, jerking his hefty cock with appreciation. The full-throttle fucking that Jimmy doles out has Ryan ready to blow; he shoots buckets of cum across his rippled torso, with Jimmy still inside. Jimmy pulls out and strokes his uncut meat until he blows his load too, sending thick white ropes streaking across Ryan’s muscled thighs.


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Actors : Shawn Wolfe, Aleks Buldocek

Aleks Buldocek and Shawn Wolfe eye each other in the murky light of a gay bar nestled in the woods. They are shirtless, and both have torsos covered with hair. Their hands grope and squeeze their crotches until it’s clear each man has a serious boner in his pants. Aleks makes the first move, crossing over to Shawn giving him a bear hug. Shawn runs his fingers through Aleks’ chest hair while Aleks unfastens Shawn’s pants. Aleks holds Shawn’s cock, then he sucks it and rubs it on his beard marking his territory. Aleks’ cock juts stiffly skyward. Shawn earns praise by slurping it down expertly. Aleks has Shawn over a barrel. Literally. He invades Shawn’s hole in evenly spaced thrusts, pulling his cock all the way out and ramming it all the way back in, in a single stroke so hard that the barrel rocks. Sean’s ass is dripping, and they move to a padded bar stool and Aleks folds Shawn into a ball and continues to pound his ass. It’s almost inhuman the way they fuck until their balls boil and they spew their thick loads.


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