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Raging Stallion : RUGBURN

Actors : Heath Jordan, Lawson Kane

With their big boners ready to bust out of their boxers, Heath Jordanand Lawson Kane just can’t seem to get enough of each other. Theykiss and grope with heated frenzy before Heath works his way southto his buddy’s crotch. He yanks out his macho mocha-man’s swollendick and swallows it down greedily, swabbing it with spit so it’ll slideeasily through his pursed lips. Then Lawson gets his turn to suckcock. His oral skills have his hunk, Heath, reeling and the excitementramps up when he begins eating ass. After getting Heath’s sphincterall juiced up, Lawson pierces it with his meat sword. He’s in totalcontrol as he fucks, screws, bangs, pummels and punishes Heath’ssweet ass until he finally climaxes and sprays him with cum. Left lyingon the white woolly rug, Heath jerks himself off with Lawson helpingby jamming his fingers up his ass. The big man’s chest heaves upand down as his gasps get louder and louder until he finally shoots awhite ribbon of spooge up across his hairy stomach.

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Falcon Studios : Francois Sagat and Kyle Lewis

Actors : Kyle Lewis, Francois Sagat

An American in Paris – French stud and Raging Stallion Studios top model François Sagat performs in an extended scene (over 30 minutes long) with Kyle Lewis, one of the most inviting men in the world! Kyle, who has made a name for himself in other top-shelf productions, serves as the perfect switch-hitting partner to François. Francois is at his physical peak – reaching a muscular apex that represents the high point of his career. Not since his debut performance with Huessein in Arabesque has he looked better. This scene is a fitting crown on his spectacular career!The setting is a stunning living room at a luxurious country estate. The surroundings fade quickly from mind as these two proud gay men enjoy each other right before your eyes. Kyle eagerly sucks François’s thick, uncut cock as his hands follow each and every curve of the Frenchman’s hairy, muscled chest. François then returns the favor, taking Kyle’s cock to the root, his bearded jaw looking great as he tries to take it all! Suddenly, both men cum streams of hot jizz onto each other. Kyle licks his own cum off François’s chest.Kyle eats François’s hole – licking, munching, and grinning from ear to ear. Hard cocks tell us how much these guys are into each other! Kyle, unable to resist the urge to hit third base, shoves his cock up François’s hole, fucking him fervently in a mesmerizing performance! Kyle quickly offers François his ass and spreads his hole wide! François needs no convincing as he steps up to the plate and fucks Kyle’s begging hole. This is the first major François topping scene we have ever filmed. The under shot of his cock sliding in and out of Kyle’s chute, both sets of balls hanging in the air, swinging in exact rhythm with each pounding thrust, is something for the “best of” record book.After getting a real manfuck, Kyle switches back into top mode and throws a real French kiss up François’s muscled hole. They fuck until it’s over, a second full set of roping cum shots leaping thru the air, falling onto each other. They kiss. Fade to white.

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19873_04   19873_07

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Raging Stallion : It Gets Bigger

Actors : Spencer Reed, Alexander Garrett, Jason Michaels
Description : Mesmerized by a wall with cutout glory holes, well-hung and furryJason Michaels faces a pair of big boners popping in and out. Heattacks the two monster cocks with his mouth, nursing on one beforeswitching to the other. These super-sized cocks are attached toAlexander Garrett and Spencer Reed , who peer over the wall andwatch the energized Jason eagerly sucking their cocks. They comeout from behind the wall to get more aggressive with their big fanjamming their two power tools down Jason’s throat. Alexander movesto the back to shove his big uncut dick inside Jason’s tight crack,yielding this power position to Spencer only when they decide to tradeplaces at both ends of their prey. The happy trio continues to rock outon the table top with Jason down on his back getting plugged in hisasshole by Alexander while still feeding on Spencer’s dick. The twobig guys switch places again but it doesn’t faze Jason as he rollsalong with the program that finally climaxes with all of them blastingtheir loads.

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24202_03  24202_05


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Falcon Studios : Summer Lust : Paddy O’Brian Fucks Marc Dylan

Actors : Marc Dylan, Paddy O’Brian

Description : Paddy O’Brian is classic, a macho stud who’s ruggedly handsome, fearsomely built and breathtakingly hung—a gigantic helmet head crowns a thick cock that’s solid steel. No less than voluptuous, meaty muscle star Marc Dylan is Paddy’s partner, offering up his incredible bubble butt. We see the “real,” playful Paddy first, when the guys roughhouse in the pool—he’s a sparkling bundle of fun. He turns serious about his lust, and Marc lavishes utter worship on the enormous slab of Prime Beef between his legs. Paddy goes for Marc’s ass, throwing a mean, high-power slam fuck. Sweat runs down his face, drips off his nose. Marc sits on the colossal cock, banging the bounty of his butt down so hard that not an inch of Paddy’s steel shaft shows outside the tight clench of ass lips. Paddy’s relentless bone burying shocks a shuddering load of cum from Marc, and Paddy leaves his own big and heavy globs of snow white jizz on his trembling buddy.

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